Stress has been a long-standing problem for most of the population. It is almost inevitable to be affected by stress, and its consequences to the body could be quite huge.


There are some basic nutrients you can consider taking to help your body cope!


  1.     L-Theanine

L-theanine is widely used for stress and anxiety because of its rapid effects in reducing anxiety symptoms and its ability in improving focus and attention. If you suffer from insomnia, L-theanine is also for you, given its benefit in enhancing sleep quality!

  1.     Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha is also known as Indian Ginseng, a popular ingredient that existed thousands of years ago. It’s involved in the serotonin regulation and hence it plays a crucial role in regulating the mood and mental stability, as well as assisting the body in coping with stress.

  1.     Magnesium

Given the fact that magnesium relaxes body muscles, it also has something to do with the stress-response system. Studies have found that with sufficient levels of magnesium intake, it helps to reduce stress-related anxiety and effects of stress on the body!


Other than nutrients, what about some lifestyle changes so you can feel more Zen?


  1.     Meditation Daily

To stay calm and quiet-minded, try meditation! It’s been found that the daily meditation habit could help to reduce anxiety symptoms, lift your mood, improve sleep quality, bring peace and sense of balance.

  1.     Breathing Exercise

By doing square breathing, you are also practicing how to calm your nervous system. Once the nervous system is calm, your heart rate is slowed down, and you would feel much less nervous or anxious.

  1.     Make time for Relaxation

Find something that you love to do, it could be reading, crocheting, sewing, baking, cooking or even exercising! This way it redirects your attention to something you truly enjoy, instead of something that stresses you out.


Don’t underestimate these lifestyle changes and basic nutrients, your body’s need for basic nutrients actually increases when you are under stress. Make sure you have enough of these nutrients in your body if you are prone to stress and stress-related anxiety!