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Active Greens Four Seasons is a functional series to help you reach different health goals! Each and every...

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Active Greens Four Seasons is a functional series to help you reach different health goals! Each and every one has its own very specialized formula to bring wellness right to you. We don’t want you to forget about your daily nutritional profile when you are looking to improve in other health aspects, Active Greens Four Seasons contain a base of greens to make sure you have enough fibers, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

Other than the rich amount of greens with good sources of antioxidants, this formula consists of a blend of immune herbs like American Ginseng, Alfalfa, Grape Seed Extract, Black Elder and Spinach, to enhance immunity by protecting against oxidative damages and reducing cell damages, caused by harmful free radicals. These ingredients are used in herbal medicine as to help maintain a functional immune system, balance immune responses and as supportive therapy for healthy glucose levels, promoting overall health and its metabolism. As a whole, this is powerful in strengthening the immune function against vectors and microorganisms.

Some common signs and symptoms where you have a compromised immunity could include: frequent colds and flu, your stress level is high, sluggish digestion, slow wound-healing, persistent fatigue. It’s always beneficial to give your immunity a good boost to reduce these symptoms.

A healthy immunity should be maintained every day! Especially when there is a flu season around the corner, it urgently calls for a daily supply of nutrients just for the immunity itself! Active Greens Immune & Antioxidant is non-GMO, free of sugar and fillers – completely safe and clean for your immunity.

Active Greens Four Seasons introduces an advanced immune powder that specifically targets the body's need for enhanced immune support. This unique blend includes key ingredients, not just for their nutritional value but for their specific roles in immune health. Understanding the intricate relationship between antioxidants and the immune system, our series is meticulously formulated to provide a holistic approach to wellness.

The series includes antioxidant powders that are carefully selected for their ability to support the body's natural defenses. These antioxidants for the immune system are crucial in shielding the body from environmental stressors. Regular consumption of these antioxidant greens can lead to noticeable improvements in overall health, particularly in immune function.

Moreover, the antioxidant benefits for the immune system go beyond just protection; they play a vital role in recovery and resilience. Our products, acting as a daily immune system powder, ensure that your body has the resources it needs to maintain optimal health, even during challenging times like flu season.

Incorporating Active Greens Four Seasons into your daily regimen is more than just a health choice; it's a commitment to sustaining a robust and responsive immune system. Whether you're looking to boost your immunity, support recovery, or maintain your health, our pro immune powder provides a comprehensive solution that's both safe and effective.

Customer Reviews

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Great Quality.

One of the most important thing is the flavour and is the best one I had compairing with similar products. In other similar product I found a very characteristic after taste which in this product is well blend with the vanilla flavour. It blends pretty easy in the glass and definetely a good alternative to have a daily intake of vegetables. its labeled as 100 % natural and made in Canada.

Tastes good, lasts a long time too, have bought a few times

Put it in my smoothies, tastes great, would buy again

Easy to Dissolve; Nice Ingredients

Active Greens Immune & Antioxidants Powder is easy to dissolve and blends well with other ingredients in smoothie. It doesn't have weird taste or leave any weird aftertaste. I checked out the ingredients and they seem to be pretty good. The price of the bottle is on par with other green powder products. Overall, I think this green powder is pretty good.

Elephants Never Forget
A delicious way to add flavour to my juice

I make a vegetable juice each morning and recently I've been adding a scoop of this to it. It contains many fruit and vegetable powders, but try not to make the mistake I made many years ago which was to look at the ingredients of green powder products like this and think "Great! I'm getting broccoli, beets, carrots, peas, alfalfa and a bunch of other healthy plants every day! This is going to improve my health!" and then not think much more about it.

When I actually looked at the quantity of each food in every scoop, I realised I wasn't actually getting much of anything. For example, the amount of broccoli in a scoop is 100mg. To put that into perspective, one cup of raw broccoli (a single serving) weighs about 90 grams. Only 10% of that is plant material, with the rest being water. So if you were to remove the water from a cup of broccoli and grind it to a powder, you'd have about 9 grams. That's 90 times more broccoli than in a scoop of this supplement. So you would need to consume 90 scoops of this, or more than two full tubs of this each day to equal just one serving of broccoli.

So the way I think about these green powders is that they probably aren't adding much benefit to my health and are probably a waste of money, but they do add a lovely flavour to my morning juices and I'm sure they are adding just a little, tiny boost to my vitamin and mineral intake for the day, though not much.

The fact that this is a food product, but the packaging doesn't share any nutritional information is a good clue that there's probably only a tiny, negligent amount of protein, fat, carbohydrate, vitamins and minerals in each scoop. I believe it's an expensive, but tasty way to flavour my juice and colour it green. And I'm giving it 5 stars because I knew this going in and I got exactly what I expected from it.

Tastes Good

I have been trying several Active Greens products and have found them to be beneficial for me personally. This sugar free formulation gives you greens from over 10 different types greens. In the mornings I mix it with my yogurt and some fresh fruit to make a nutritious start to my day that also helps to maintain my immune system.

These Active greens have a nice Vanilla flavor and they actually taste GOOD and go down easy.

It has become so easy to eat well and get an appropriate intake of beneficial vitamins, especially when I’m in a time crunch before a busy day. I used to skip breakfast but not anymore.

I have used unsweetened greens before and added my own pineapple and other fruits for flavor but with these greens I don’t really have to add anything for taste if I don't want to and as an added bonus it has less calories this way.

I recommend the Active Greens Immunes and Antioxident powder to anyone who wants to start a on a healthy eating and vitaman regimen. They taste good and have all the benefits of adding super foods to your daily routine. I am recommending this!

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Greens Powder-Immune & Antioxidants